SCUBA STEVE CLEMENS DM - Dive Master  (2014) - Steve is a 52 years old Sagittarius who enjoys longs walk on the beach, and moonlit scuba dives. Prior to learning to dive Steve was a classic pianist and enjoys ballroom dancing and watching Ice dancing on TV. Steve's favorite part of diving is the way his farmer john wet suit hugs his body. When he isn't diving he enjoys needlepoint, mani / pedis and spending time with his poodle muffy. His favorite diving locations include San Francisco & Key West Florida, and any where he can strut his speedo. He finally took his written test and is a full fledged Dive Master. Someday he will write a bio to replace this one.

LORI STERNBERG DM - Dive Master (2012) - Also with Big Joe since the beginning, Lori enjoys diving anywhere the water is warm and blue. She enjoys helping new students gain the confidence to become qualified divers. Lori enjoys travel and hanging out with her 5 kids (all divers). When not diving and traveling Lori runs Image Salon & Day Spa a full service Salon & Spa located directly above Big Joe Scuba. Her favorite travel / dive destinations are Roatan Island Honduras, Dominica, and Cozumel. David from Dive House Cozumel is Her favorite Dive leader.

ED STERNBERG IDCS - IDC Staff Instructor - Started Big Joe Scuba shortly after becoming a Scuba Instructor. Our lead instructor, Ed enjoys assisting people explore the oceans of the world that most never get to see. Travel is another obsession to Ed, he is also our Travel Professional and enjoys helping people plan that perfect vacation.  A retired Firefighter / EMT for the City of St. Joe, Ed brings a level of skill and instruction to Scuba that sets BIG JOE SCUBA apart from other dive shops. So, "IF you Can't Dive with BIG JOE...... Stay on the Boat!"

BIG JOE SCUBA 1504 N 36th St.,

St Joseph Mo. (816) 364-DIVE (3483)

Mark Hagen - DM - Dive Master (2015) -

Marks love affair with water began when he was just a wee lad. Playing with his GI Joe action figure in the bathtub. He would spend hours upon hours diving with Joe in his bathtub..... That is until the day GI Joe met Barbie and they ran off together. Mark gave up diving and joined the Army serving his Country as an Army Ranger, and starting a family. Years later he came back to diving with his daughter and re-connected with his love of water. Although, he has not seen Joe or Barbie since the late 70's, he still can't walk down the toy aisle at Wal mart with out shedding a tear for his lost companion.

Tim Rogers - DM - Dive Master (2015)

Meet our Baby Dive Master Tim. Aka - Barney Rubble Tim brings an element to Big Joe Scuba that had been lacking for years. Sensitivity, it is Timmy's most powerful emotion. We learned this fact while diving on the MV Fling, Tim was prepared for the first dive of day, His BCD all checked out, tank pressure verified, bright yellow shirt and diaper in place. He stood on the aft of the fling, the sun was just waking up for the day as I walked up to him, crying a little Tim said "its just so beautiful". This is just one example of his sensitivity.

So when you see Tim give him a hug, because... well, he needs one!

Big Joe - Mascot - In 2011, Joe was found under the Christmas tree. He was quickly promoted to Mascot after his first dive in Beaver Lake. Joe has dove all over the Caribbean and enjoys seeing his fellow turtles while diving. He joined the 100' deep in Beaver Club in 2012 after reaching his bucket list goal of diving 100' deep. Joe invites everyone to join him on a dive. His favorite dive location is anywhere we find turtles. His favorite dive buddy is Lori Sternberg He enjoys seeing new divers seeing sea turtles for Thier first time. He is currently planning trips to  Hawaii, Roatan Island Honduras, and Aruba. Come by the shop and see his travel pictures. In 2015 he accompanied Jared Mark on a trip to China, in 2018 he dove between the continents in ICE LAND, these are just a few of his travels .


Dean Partiridge - Dive Master Candidate


(not staff but hey close enough!)

Master Diver is the highest rating a non professional diver can achieve. These divers have shown that they have Mastered Diving!

Congrats to each of you!!!

Jimmie Bormolini

Barb Bormolini

Scott Holman

Kelli Holman

Jared Mark

Rodney Brown

Sam Brown

Matthew Brown

Lisa Bird